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Hair style: Chinese Braided Updo

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What to do with long hair? Dress it up!

Learn the history and use of hair sticks

What's your healthy hair care routine?

Is your hair care product organic?

How to get that Sedu hair style






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Hair accessories are the perfect finishing touch to a hair style or outfit.

Here at Dressy Tresses, you will find romantic and vintage-looking accessories that are unique to wear with any outfit. I personally search for unique items that are either hand made or manufactured in the USA and Europe. From time to time, I find vintage collectables, too. We are not your typical accessory store as we cater to the Indie crowd and women looking for special items that come in limited quantities. The hair sticks, necklaces and circlets are hand made by myself or local artists.

Recently, I have been inspired to expand the circlet collection as a means to give unique styles for weddings, prom, dance events, renaissance and fairy festivals and any other fun occasion.

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Many popular hair accessories to choose from

Our most popular hair accessory is our hair sticks, made from natural bone or wood. They are then decorated with rare Swarovski crystals, beads and stones.

Take a look at our other hair accessories: barrettes, hair claws, hair pins, hair forks, hair combs, head bands and pony tail holders. All are made of high quality clips and crystals and are the perfect accessory for prettying up your hair style this season.

Hair care news you can use

Dressy Tresses writes its own original news articles for its members to read, print and use in developing their hair care routines. Here are just a few you'll find in our News Archives:

What to Do with Long Hair? Dress it Up!
If you think growing your hair long limits your hair style choices, click here to read up on ideas straight from the Dressy Tresses hair archives.

The History and Use of Hair Sticks
Everything you wanted to know about this simple, yet versatile, hair accessory, but didn't know who to ask. Click here to read more.

Sedu Hair Styles: How To Tips From Dressy Tresses
Sleek Sedu hair styles were popularized by Jennifer Aniston and other stars. Read how their stylists achieved the Sedu hair style look with a high quality Sedu flat iron.

Healthy Hair Care for Long Hair
Karlie Eldred, owner of Dressy Tresses and life-long lover of long hair, shares her hair care routines to help ensure long, healthy hair. Read how Karlie maintains her long locks!

Is Your Shampoo Organic? Maybe, Maybe Not
Hair care and beauty products can now be certified as organic, but this may not help clear up the confusion over natural hair care products after all. Dressy Tresses weighs in...


Online hairstyle gallery

Don't forget to visit our online hair style gallery while you're here. Inside, you will find many ideas of hair styles you can do at home. Plus, plenty of ideas for how to use our popular hair accessories in fun and creative updo's, french braids, and other hair styles.

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Chinese Braided Updo
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